Insight Support Groups: Testimonials

Support Group CircleThis is a program where you can find solutions.

I needed to be surrounded by people who wanted to be sober, and to the best of their ability, do whatever it takes to be sober. People who were willing to do the work and take suggestions given to them by others who had come before them.

Karolyn is a facilitator who has been where we’ve been, continues to work a strong recovery program today, has had some guidance from one of the best therapy based programs in the Boise area, is an RN, and is working towards her certificate in addiction.

Insight has a mission, is organized and focused.  Karolyn knows how to facilitate a meeting and she keeps you accountable. 



Support Group SadnessI say, keep coming back! This program really does work–you just have to work it…and not give up or give in. And, if you don’t know what is expected, ask. There are no dumb questions but getting in trouble over doing your own thing can get you nowhere.



An individual who was part of the Insight support group whom I worked with called me. She thought my disappearance from work was familiar to her. She had a similar dismissal years prior. She left me a message of hope which started my recovery and that was where I formulated the prospect that I needed others and could not do this alone.

Support Group DiscussionI became a regular member of Insight Support Groups. I did not particularly want to do this after the group therapy I had, but found it to be very helpful in ways I did not imagine. I made friends, and through this group I was able to embrace my disease like I had not in the other group I was in. The meetings encouraged participation in a more relaxed way than I was used to. The group members diseases were a lot like mine and I felt as though I was able to use my disease as a strength to help others the way theirs was helping me develop Insight on how to handle life as a nurse, a loved one, or just a member in society.

My feelings have the potential to really take me apart. If I am working a program in recovery, which means getting out of those feelings, seeing them for what they are, I can manage them in a healthy way.




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