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 The Healthy Living Support Program


The Healthy Living Support Program is for individuals who have made the commitment to sobriety and who are interested in learning about how to live a healthy life in recovery.


Benefits of Membership


Are you tired of trying to get and stay sober on your own? Join us! The benefits of membership includes:

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  • Listen to a monthly lecture on key topics about sobriety and recovery. Apply your learning immediately with a reflective activity.
  • Attend weekly support group meetings in the Boise metropolitan area.
  • Access to The Healthy Living Blog and weekly posts that will stimulate your thinking about how to create a healthy lifestyle.
  • Receive a monthly theme-based journal that prompts you to reflect upon your recovery process.
  • Make connections with other individuals who have made the decision to become sober and create a new life for themselves through recovery.


Healthy Living Support Group Meetings


During Healthy Living Support Groups we talk about topics and issues that are of immediate concern for group members.  During these sessions we frequently discuss both professional and personal issues including the following:


•Healthy living skills (nutrition, diet, exercise, etc.)
•Life skills (life planning, stress management, personal growth, etc.)
•Relationships skills (communication, boundaries, conflict management, etc.)


Meetings begin September 8th every Monday from 6:00-7:00 p.m. at St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center located at 1055 N. Curtis Road in Boise.




Online Education


Each month we provide an online lecture, reflection journal and blog based on a designated theme or aspect of sobriety and/or recovery.  The lecture will provide you with information about the topic as well as a follow up learning activity. The monthly journal will also be based upon the theme for the month and provide you with reflective journal prompts to facilitate your thinking about your new life and the challenges you face in recovery.


The themes for the year are as follows:


January: Making The Commitment To Sobriety


February: Achieving Sobriety


March: Recovery As A Way of Life


April: Nutrition


May: Physical Activity


June: Mindfulness & Spirituality


July: Relationships In Recovery


August: Stress Management In Recovery


September: Managing Your Priorities & Time


October: Managing Your Career


November: Gratitude & Recovery


December: Celebration In Recovery



Program Costs


The cost of the program is $80.00 a month or $25.00 per meeting. Individuals may attend their first group meeting as a guest at no charge to get to know the group and experience the group meeting process.


To sign up or to learn more, contact KC Crowley at 208.631.4117 or e-mail her at: or go to:


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