Presentation: Substance Use Disorder in the Workplace

re/entryFrom Impairment to Empowerment: Addressing Substance Use Disorder in the Workforce

It is estimated 1 in 10 Americans suffers from substance use disorder (SUD), making this topic poignantly relevant for all employers and health professionals. The problem of SUD is compounded by lack of education, cultural stigma and fear of confronting the topic, which leads people away from seeking a life in recovery. Substance use disorder in the workplace impacts everyone.

It is a failure of our culture to perceive employees with SUDs as weaker or having moral shortcomings. This promotes ignorance and drives the disease deeper underground.  We must recognize that addiction is a disease that needs to be treated and change the way the condition is perceived by the greater culture.


The purpose of this presentation is to dispel stigma and ignorance regarding employees who suffer from substance use disorder, promote healthier conversations and informed responses for coworkers, managers, administrators and educators.


It’s time to get the conversation started: How do we become more informed and proactive in addressing SUDs in the workplace? How do we treat our colleagues with substance use disorder as patients rather than failures?


This presentation covers a general introduction to:

  • How people become addicted
  • How to spot symptoms
  • Instilling awareness about SUD
  • Educating staff to respond to substance abuse
  • Strategies for encountering potential substance abuse
  • Considerations for working with clients in recovery

Participants of this presentation will learn to approach addicted employees as patients. We can learn to give them the same compassion we give to people with other diseases. We can treat addiction as the disease that it is.

The target audience of this presentation is anyone who works with an employee suffering from SUD, including administrators, educators, clinicians, researchers, coworkers, managers, ancillary staff such as human resources, EAP, employee health, occupational health, as well as anyone impacted by substance abuse (which means everyone).

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