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The mission of Insight Support Groups is to provide educational services and facilitate recovery support groups that foster sobriety and recovery through an emphasis on healthy living and the development of a healthy lifestyle.

Insight Support GroupsCompany Overview

INSIGHT was founded as a support group for health care professionals. Its guiding purpose is to support clients in their pursuit of a healthy recovering lifestyle. Insight provides a safe haven for discussing both personal and professional issues.

INSIGHT is an independent agency, autonomous from any regulatory or monitoring agencies.

In 2014, INSIGHT plans to expand its educational and support group programs to individuals regardless of profession or occupation.

Programs & Services

Insight Support Groups provides educational information and support group programs about sobriety and recovery with an emphasis on how to live a healthy life through the process of recovery.

Recovery GroupCurrently Insight Support Groups offers the Healthy Living Support Program (HLSP).   Any individual is welcome to attend if they have made the decision to become sober and want to learn more about how to live a life of recovery.

The Healthy Living Support Program (HLSP) is for any individual interested in joining a support group and participating in our recovery program. If you are interested in receiving more information and/or updates about Insight Support Groups or participating in our Healthy Living Support Program, please join our mailing list.

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